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Deyoung Coffee 2.0

De-Young Coffee 2.0 newly added Fallopia multiflora (He Shou Wu), refining with Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali, Tian Shan Ginseng, and Rhodiola, make use of canadian royal secret formula. A pure natural herbal coffee which R&D by PHD research team from famous universities in america, and manufacture by GMP bio-tech lab in taiwan. Able to regulate unisex hormones and cure sexual disease, and also able to improve sexual ability and performance, a great sexual supplement for you!

 De-Young Coffee 2.0 新增何首乌成份,再配以冬虫夏草, 东戈阿里, 天山百年人参及红景天,并沿用加拿大皇室秘方炼制而成。一个完全天然草药配方的神奇咖啡,是由美国知名大学的博士团队所研发,并在台湾拥有GMP准证的生技工厂生产。能够调理男性及女性的荷尔蒙及治疗性障碍等病症,同时也能调理及提升原本的性能力,让本身的各方面性能力能够得到提升,是非常适合长期饮用的保健饮品。


Key Features

  • Able to cure impotence and sexual abilities obstacle. Helps increase sensitivity and hardness.
  • Increase long-lasting ability, to ensure prevent of premature ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps & ginseng extract able to help fast energy recovery.
  • Tongkat Ali & cordyceps extract able to help cure kidney disease, such as renal edema & deficiency.
  • Able to cure prostate diseases, such as nocturnal enuresis problem, swelling & urethritis.
  • Helps cure menopause diseases, such as climax obstacle, low libido & dry.
  • Helps cardiovascular obstacle, stabilize hypertension & blood circulation.
  • Accelerate detoxification of kidney, liver and other main organs.
  • Helps dark hair re-growth.


  • 可以帮助根治阳痿及性功能障碍等隐疾,提升敏感度和增加硬度。
  • 提升耐久力,不受早泄困扰。
  • 冬虫夏草精华萃取及人参精华萃取能有效地帮助迅速恢复精力。
  • 东革阿里精华萃取及冬虫夏草精华萃取能有效地帮助各种肾脏疾病,例如:肾脏水肿及肾虚的问题。
  • 能有效地帮助前列腺障碍隐疾,例如:夜尿频密,前列腺肿胀及尿道发炎等问题。
  • 帮助解决更年期障碍,包括:高潮障碍,低性趣及下体干枯等问题。
  • 帮助心血管障碍,稳定高血压及促进血液循环。
  • 增强肾脏,肝脏及身体其他重要器官的排毒功能。
  • 摆脱银发族,帮助黑发重生。


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