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T-Rex99 Herbal Capsule

T-Rex 99 refining with Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali, Tian Shan Ginseng, and Maca. A pure natural herbal capsule which R&D by PHD research team from famous universities in america, and manufacture by GMP bio-tech lab in taiwan. T-Rex 99 able to boost up emission of male's hormones and solves the obstacles. To explode your very potential ability, T-Rex99 absolute able to help you!

 T-Rex 99是采用冬虫夏草, 东戈阿里, 天山百年人参及麦卡炼制而成。一个完全天然草药配方的神奇胶囊,是由美国知名大学的博士团队所研发,并在台湾拥有GMP准证的生技工厂生产。T-Rex 99可以大量提升雄性荷尔蒙排放,并解决性障碍的问题。想要爆发您最深层的潜能,T-Rex99一定能帮到你!


Key Features

  • Boost up potential sexual ability and great amount of hormones, increase 25% - 40% of average abilities. 
  • Able to cure impotence and sexual abilities obstacle. Helps increase sensitivity and hardness.
  • Increase long-lasting ability, to ensure prevent of premature ejaculation.
  • Cordyceps & ginseng extract able to help fast energy recovery.
  • Maca extract able to protect kidney.
  • Able to cure prostate diseases, such as nocturnal enuresis problem, swelling & urethritis.
  • Helps cure menopause diseases, such as climax obstacle, low libido & dry.
  • Helps cardiovascular obstacle, stabilize hypertension & blood circulation.
  • Stimulate metabolism by hormones release and  transmission.


  • 瞬间爆发潜力及刺激大量荷尔蒙排放,提升至少25% - 40%的平均性能力。
  • 可以帮助治疗阳痿及性功能障碍等隐疾,提升敏感度和增加硬度。
  • 提升耐久力,不受早泄困扰。
  • 冬虫夏草精华萃取及人参精华萃取能有效地帮助迅速恢复精力,短时间内可再次冲刺。
  • 麦卡萃取精华可以有效地保护肾脏。
  • 能有效地帮助前列腺障碍隐疾,例如:夜尿频密,前列腺肿胀及尿道发炎等问题。
  • 帮助心血管障碍,稳定高血压及促进血液循环。
  • 经由荷尔蒙大量的排放及传送而促进新陈代谢。