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deyoung store PRO-MAKER ( is an online platform store, which selling herbal consumable product only since 2012. Products genre mostly using Tongkat Ali & Cordyceps as main ingredients, which were : iNtact Coffee (discontinued), deyoungcoffee (discontinued), deyoungcoffee 2.0, S99 Herbal Capsule (discontinued) & T-Rex99 Herbal Capsule.

deyoung store PRO-MAKER(是一家网络商店,自2012年起仅销售草本精华食品。产品类型主要使用东革阿里和冬虫夏草作为主要成分,其中包括:iNtact Coffee(已停产)deyoungcoffee(已停产),deyoungcoffee 2.0,S99草药胶囊(已停产)和T-Rex99草药胶囊。


The best natural ingredient always the pure natural herbal. Ginseng, Cordyceps, Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, Rhiodiola & Clove. These are what our product's main ingredients.

纯天然的草本精华是最好的天然成分。 人参,冬虫夏草,东革阿里,玛卡根,红景天和丁香。这就是我们产品的主要成分。


All our products are totally implemented and import from Taiwan, and packing in Malaysia. We are using latest nano extract technology to produce our products and using pure natural herbal as ingredients only. No bio-chemical, or chemical, or medicine add into our products.

我们所有的产品都是从台湾实施和进口,并在马来西亚包装。 我们使用最新的纳米萃取技术来生产我们的产品,并仅用纯天然草本精华作为成分。 我们的产品中不添加生物化学品,化学品或药品。


All of our products been sent to chemlab (one of the product lab test certified by KKM) to test on safety and consumable by human.



Our latest office been setup in Dataran C180.

我们的最新办公室已在Dataran C180中设置。